How does the built environment contribute to global warming?

In this short video in the series on climate change, Marina Huissoon, chief architect and director at Green Propeller Design, Milton, tackles an aspect of the global warming issue that engages architects, planners, builders and homeowners alike – the critical impacts of the built environment.  For example, approximately 39% of all global carbon dioxide emissions are the direct result of the construction and operation of buildings – our factories, offices, homes and all the spaces our species live within and can’t live without.

Carbon, as we know, is both our greatest friend as it is the building block of all life – and one of the greatest threats to ourselves and the planet. The prime example is carbon-rich cement which is released during production as well as from the final product, concrete.

Architects and builders are striving to utilize low carbon footprint materials like wood to lower CO2 emissions. Green Propeller Design, as its brand suggests, is committed to intelligent and naturally sustainable design.

Watch the video:


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