Green Propeller Design provides leading edge strategies for planning, design, and construction.

Together with our team of professional engineers, we provide architectural services – both creative and technical. We also provide on-site support for constructors and building owners, throughout the construction phase.

We work primarily with municipal, commercial and institutional sector clients, making the design process a positive experience, with results that reflect the personality of the community. 

Our portfolio includes small and medium unique design solutions responsive to the client and to the context of each assignment.

We have a strong commitment to sustainable design and recognize our responsibility to the consequences of our environmental footprint.

Green Propeller, Responsive Design, Responsible Architecture
Examples of passive energy strategies include:

We know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the heat from the sun is most intense in the afternoon and early evening. Yet, many buildings are designed with the same number of windows on all four sides. This results in unwanted glare and additional heating and cooling costs over the lifetime of the building. We believe that working with a site’s natural setting and applying thoughtful design strategies, the result will be a more sustainable design, reducing overall energy costs for the lifespan of the building.

Architecture 2030

In 2002, a forward-thinking architect, Edward Mazria, started a movement within the global architecture community to combat the projected consequences of climate change. That endeavour is known as “Architecture 2030”. In 2006, Architecture 2030 issued the “2030 Challenge”. This challenge calls for all new buildings, developments and major renovations to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

At Green Propeller Design we are proud to be supporting the 2030 Challenge and goals of Architecture 2030 for sustainable and carbon neutral planning and design in the built environment. Today there are nearly 1,200 firms, organizations and individuals world-wide that have adopted the 2030 Challenge.

Architecture 2030 website

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