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Green Propeller Design has lived its life. The imperative to build more sustainably and find balance in our built environment is being passed to a younger generation of architects. Architects who have the most incredible tools at their disposal: parametric modelling, 3-D drawing & creative tools, as well as knowledge and technological possibilities to end our reliance on fossil fuels and design with respect for Mother Earth.  Responsive design, Responsible Living. Stay tuned into the conversation through the propeller dialogues, and on social media.

Proud Accomplishments

Exterior view of Bronte Medical Building after completion.

Bronte Medical Building

Situated at the western gateway to the Town of Milton, this 3-storey office building presents a modern & professional introduction to the Town’s Downtown Core. The building manages a very ...
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Halton Waldorf School project plans

Halton Waldorf School Graduates to High School

Waldorf teaching is intended to develop pupils' intellectual, artistic, and practical skills, with a focus on imagination and creativity. In terms of building form, Waldorf teaching can be expressed through ...
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Six Nations of the Grand River Police Station

Six Nations of the Grand River Police Station

The 17,000 sq.ft. Police Building was designed and built as a full-service 24/7 Police station for the Six Nations of the Grand River.
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Maple North Regional Park

North Maple Regional Park Pavilion

North Maple Regional Park is a vast landholding that transformed the old Keele Landfill into a monumental & sustainable Community park. Using the rich topography of the site, this pavilion ...
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The Propeller Dialogues

Our team is launching a new initiative called Propeller Dialogues. It will be a continuing series of information and opinion designed to give flight to new ideas that carry the seeds of change. 
Together we will explore the role and influence of architects and their craft in delivering sustainable human structures that are socially and environmentally responsible .
We look forward to a stimulating and collaborative dialogue through our web site and social media. Thank you. 

Our Community Initiatives

Townsend Smith Foundation, building a hospice for North Halton
Townsend Smith Foundation
Sustainable Milton
Sustainable Milton
Green Propeller Design
Following on our legacy and delivering new initiatives within our community, Green Propeller Design will continue to offer solution based ideas and stimulating and collaborative dialogue through our web site and social media. Stay tuned to the conversation.
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