Sustainable Design

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We design buildings to reduce the demand for energy (load reduction); then we design the buildings to optimize the energy use based on climatic and user comfort requirements. 

Our team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Low Impact Design (LID) and other site and building sustainability measures that can provide environmental benefit, operational efficiencies, and site enhancement. This is a core value for Green Propeller Design. 

Sustainable design initiatives help to offset the operating cost of the project, as well as reduce the community’s reliance on carbon based fuel. Some sustainable strategies that we have implemented in our building projects include: 

Sustainable Design Insulation
Sustainable Design rainwater
Sustainable Design xeriscape

Demand Reduction Strategies:

Passive Energy Responses:

Technology Efficiencies:

Marina Huissoon, Lead Architect and Principal of Green Propeller Design, has been utilizing sustainable design strategies for over two decades. The success of this design approach relies on having the right state of mind, of wanting to make a difference. The strategies we employ do not have to be costly – in fact many of them are free. The relationship of the building to its climate can have a dramatic impact on the energy consumption of the building. The location of windows facing in different orientations, the use of daylight for the majority of working areas, opportunities for natural ventilation, and for control of heat and light in your own work area, can have a dramatic effect on the occupant comfort level as well as having a positive effect on the building’s energy use. 

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