Oakville Parks Facilities

Coronation Park, Oakville

These new buildings are support facilities for three of the parks in the Town of Oakville: West Oak Trails, Coronation Park, and Tannery Park.  Designed to be visible from a distance, and of a scale that does not impose on the recreational uses, they were also built to be vandal-resistant and maintenance friendly.

Materials include heavy timber framing for the roof, on a base of concrete and masonry materials.  Translucent fiberglass is used to separate the base from the roof to give the roof the appearance of floating.  The high level translucent panels also flood the interior with daylight.  Interior finishes and fixtures are selected with ease of maintenance in mind.  Floor textures vary from rough to smooth both to indicate circulation paths and to integrate the buildings into the landscape.  Sustainable design features include minimal reliance on power for building operation.


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