North Maple Regional Park Pavilion

North Maple Regional Park

The 4,000 sq.ft. pavilion includes change rooms related to the FIFA soccer pitches; as well as a concession, and FADS/AODA compliant washrooms. The new building acts as a way-finding beacon within the park, and offers active and passive support services to the environment. 

The dramatic topography of the Park provided a starting point for the architectural expression of the Phase 1 building. On a promontory overlooking the valley, the cantilever roofs fly out across the landscape, providing energy and dynamic movement in this key area of the Park. The soaring roofs are anchored by mass concrete buttresses, with board-formed texture to recall the industrial history of the site. 

The scale of the buildings provides a visible element within the expanse of the park, ensuring it is a grounding, a meeting point, a marker for the thousands of visitors. The space between the buildings is foreseen as a community space for outdoor activities such as live performances, outdoor markets, with a rhythmically patterned trellis providing much-needed shade from the sun’s rays. 

Sustainable Design features include: daylighting, LED lighting, and no VOC finishes. 


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