North Maple Regional Park Twin Field Houses

North Maple Regional Park Twin Field Houses

In Association with Stantec

The North Maple Regional Park is an amazing example of rehabilitating an obsolete industrial landscape (the Keele landfill), and providing a broad cross section of active and passive recreation opportunities.

The site for this building is on a promontory overlooking the Oakridges Moraine.  A balance of natural and man-made interventions are proposed as part of a masterplan to be built out over the next ten years.

The 4,000 sq.ft. pavilion includes change rooms related to the FIFA soccer pitches; as well as a concession, and FADS/AODA compliant washrooms.  Spanning between the two buildings is a dynamic shade structure, which provides opportunity for outdoor markets and other entertainment events.

The building acts as a wayfinding beacon within the park, and offers active and passive support services to the environment.  Construction of the new field houses is scheduled for 2018.

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