Hanlon Creek Park Pavilion & Splash Pad

Hanlon Creek Park Splash Pad

The park is nestled in the valley of the Hanlon Creek, partially within the flood plain regulated area. The project included replacement of an obsolete park building and the rejuvenation of the park amenities by the design of a new landscaped splash pad within the regulated area. Maintaining the existing grades so as to not adversely affect the flood capacity of the waterway was a design constraint. 

The site is planned to provide a generous gathering space at the arrival point while creating strong visual and physical connections between the building and splash pad. Landscape rockery creates a gentle sloped transition between the two elements to allow full access to all play features and splash zones. 

The building program is broken into two structures connected by a timber roof with a large overhang, which also provides shelter. Each building is oriented to optimize its relationship to the splash pad without being intrusive to it or the surrounding site. The structures are clad in contrasting finishes to reflect the 

difference in functionality and further break up the mass of the building. The washroom building, clad in vertical glass channels, offers a lighter and more inviting appearance. The maintenance structure, clad in vertical cement panels, is less prominent. 

The facility was designed to be net zero and incorporates various sustainable features, including solar panel arrays on both the building roof and pergola. 


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