City of Guelph Park Facilities

Guelph South End Park Building

The South End Park is a destination park for a wide range of recreational activities. The master plan had identified a splash pad to be incorporated into the park. This project, which integrates the splash pad as well as support facilities for park users and operations staff, demonstrates the importance of integration of built form with engineering and landscape components.

In addition to providing identifiable focal points within the park, the placement of buildings and paths generate a new organizational structure within the site. The building is placed to present the playground and splash pad as the main areas of attraction.

The new building creates an edge to the play area, clearly separates the area for baseball activities from the play area, and provides a micro-environment for picnicking, shade, shelter, and change facilities for the play area. Sustainable design strategies include the design of a high albedo roof and re-use of existing site infrastructure. 

St George’s Park is a traditional “Square” surrounded by century homes in Guelph. Mature trees provide a shady canopy over much of the area. Tennis courts and an informal ball diamond are opportunities for outdoor social life for the neighbourhood. In keeping with the vernacular architecture, the pavilion is designed with wide overhangs reminiscent of cricket and tennis pavilions of the 19th century. Programmatically simple, the building design exceeds its functional role. It provides shelter from a rain shower, a shady place to sit and watch, a place to wait for the next game, or a chance encounter with neighbours.


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