Angus Glen Park Pavilion & Trellises

Angus Glen

In Association with Dillon Consulting

This project was designed for the City of Markham, in collaboration with Dillon Consulting. The elements developed by Green Propeller Design included: multiple trellises, water trellis, washroom building, and mechanical room building. The trellises were designed to capture and frame the views of the adjacent golf club, providing a dedicated space for community interaction and a complimenting space for park users.

Using a vocabulary of tree structures, the design translated leafy canopies into elegant curved steel structures. The language utilized in the trellises was incorporated in the design of the washroom and mechanical room, creating a coherent set of architectural elements throughout the park.

Public safety and operational efficiency are evident throughout in material selection, detailing, and scale.

Sustainable design features include a year round insulated building with water-saver fixtures, HR ventilation, occupancy sensors, daylighting, and the use of no VOC finishes. 


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