Region of Peel Long Term Care Renovations

Shower Room after renovation of Peel Region Long Term Care Renovation

Through a series of site investigations, Green Propeller Design recommended and implemented design solutions to improve safety and reduce maintenance required across three Long Term Care Facilities. 

Each scope of work involved collaboration with the Region and Stakeholders at each respective home. With an understanding for the functional, operational, maintenance requirements for each scope, Green Propeller Design was able to present resolutions that benefitted both the Staff and the Residents. 

The scopes of work included interior alterations, door and hardware replacement, equipment reconfigurations, flooring replacement and accessibility upgrades. These improvements covered many areas of the Facilities including the central kitchen, serveries, resident rooms and their washrooms, staff lounge, service areas and exits. 

As simple as these tasks may seem, undertaking them in an operational Long Term Care Home requires all the logistics to be planned for a much broader scope of work that encompasses temporary facilities, infection control, staged construction, etc. 

Click to view a 360° panorama / VR view of the shower room.

Click to view a 360° panorama / VR view of the tub room.


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