Senior Centre, Acton, Halton Hills

Acton Senior Centre - desk

The renovations and alterations at the existing space focused on improving access and flexibility of spaces dedicated to senior use. Facilitating input from the user groups was central to the process, and the seniors were very influential in dictating the program requirements.

Upgrades to the entrance lobby, a lounge space that gives a warm “living room” feeling to the centre, a new reception area, new door systems and washrooms to meet AODA requirements for ease of access and to meet new barrier free guidelines, were provided.

A new reception desk was ergonomically designed with seniors in mind, using contrasting colours and wide spaces for members with mobility challenges.  The commercial kitchen was renovated, providing a modern upgrade for the facility. The Community Room was rearranged to allow a variety of small and large group uses, and the commercial kitchen rearranged to maximize flexibility of use.


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