Enable Education

Enable Education Interior

This project created a new, vibrant working and thinking environment for a software development company. The hub of the 6,000 sq.ft. office is a social space, brimming with playful energy, and a serious technological backbone. A full audio-visual suite, interactive training room, and board games room, were carved out of a previously dark remnant space in an obsolete building.

The design for Enable Education also included workspaces for software development desktop work, and hands-on product development, recording studio for video and audio, and training rooms.

The sense of playful creativity in the project is felt in the social space that is at the heart of the facility. Concentrated deskwork takes place in a quiet team-friendly environment; the more vibrant “talking spaces” are grouped around the lounge, with a shared kitchen at its heart. The workshop/lab was renovated as a separate phase once the cost of the main work spaces was known.

Using the “occupancy of unfinished buildings” provisions in the Building Code, we also enabled the space to be occupied in phases, to facilitate a seamless move from existing offices to the new location.

Sustainable Design features include: Daylighting was brought into the previously window-less space, and a zoned HVAC system for minimum operating costs.


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