At Green Propeller we believe that building a team based on mutual core values will help us to achieve our overarching goals for sustainable design to improve our shared environmental footprint for all projects.

We take our inspiration for sustainable and good design from the natural world. This is reflected in our symbol of the maple key. The maple key (the green propeller) has been designed by nature to fly without the aid of mechanical technology, to carry the seeds of the maple tree on the wind to land safely and take root in the earth.

Maple Key

The Common Good

Green Propeller Design believes that architects can play a key role in serving their community, by acting as catalysts for change. Now, more than ever, it is time to address climate change using resources responsibly in the built environment. To us, this means changing the way buildings are planned, designed, constructed and operated so that they incorporate sustainable design principles. This is how architects can make a positive contribution to people’s lives and it is, we feel, our calling. It is our way of giving back and working toward a common good. time


Architectural design is a collaborative process. Dialogue, consensus building and goal sharing all contribute to good spaces and good buildings. The Integrated Design Process as well as the search for design synergies and sustainable design solutions, are the foundation of our methodology.

Honesty and Integrity

We recognize that developing trusting relationships is key to achieving goals and delivering results to our clients and community. These can only exist if built on the cornerstones of honesty and integrity. Green Propeller works hard to establish harmony with our community and clients by advocating for balanced opinions and solutions. 

Our Community

We believe that making our world a better place begins at home. Our own Halton community is a fast growing, energetic, forward thinking multicultural community. As architects, we work together with various sectors of our community to achieve common goals for everyone, today and in the future.

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