Something in the Water Brewing, a discussion with Steve Waugh

Green Propeller-Something in the Water Brewing

Something in the Water Brewery is one of the newest craft breweries to be headquartered in Toronto’s iconic Liberty Village. Steve Waugh calls it, “our first and flagship brewery, bottle shop, and café.” Green Propeller Design worked closely with Steve to ensure his vision and physical requirements were met and exceeded. Here he chats about his experience working with a professional architectural firm. 

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0:00 What was your perception of Architects prior to construction?
0:34 What did Steve envision as the end result for Something in the Water?
1:50 How did you approach the design with Jessica of Studio Glas?
3:01 What do you wish you knew before you started?
3:54 How important was the placement of the cooler?
4:45 Were there any complicated conversations?
5:15 What’s the most important thing you learned during the process?
5:24 Did you have a construction background before you started?
5:59 What was the value of having Marina as your architect?
6:58 Are there any design decisions you wish you could change?
8:21 How complicated is the commercial construction process?
9:02 How important was it to work with an environmentally focused architect?
9:45 Do you think you could have completed the project without an architect?
10:23 What role did Green Propeller Design play in navigating the mechanical engineering?
11:28 What role did Marina have in helping you create a budget?
12:27 Do you feel you received good value from hiring Green Propeller Design?
13:28 What characteristics were you looking for in an architect?
14:28 What value has your Architect-led design team provided?
15:04 How excited are you now that everything is done?
15:51 How is Something in the Water different from other breweries?
16:11 What are curious beers?


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