10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Care Home Residents’ Health & Safety

Illustration of a man and woman helping an older woman with a cane

Covid-19 has brought into focus some shortcomings in our Long-Term Care facilities. If upgrades were already on your radar, the current imperative to limit the spread of pathogens and the urgent need to manage the spread of infection will require urgent attention.

Generally, older buildings may require spatial upgrades to improve distancing and circulation flow. Air handling systems may need to be upgraded. Food preparation protocols may need to be supported by improved food service areas.

Modifying the existing care home – public realm and private domain

Reception area modifications

  • Sneeze guards / wider transaction desks
  • touchless transactions
  • Visitor screening tools before allowing access and for after-visit tracking


Food Service:

  • “Room service”
  • Portion packaging
  • Contactless technology
  • Infection control in food prep and congregate dining

Managing Pedestrian routes through the shared home areas

  • Avoiding cross-overs between staff & visitors/li><
  • Optimizing travel distances from staff areas to resident areas/li>
  • Encouraging paths through outdoors


Air handling systems:

  • Better filtration – to trap the pathogen
  • Disinfection – in-duct UV light purification
  • Flushing – increased air ventilation rates
  • Limiting zone size to limit spread within the home


If the home can increase the space allocated to activities, then improvements should be made to enhance the lifestyle and enjoyment of the residents.

  • Provide only private and semi-private rooms by adding / renovating and backfilling
  • Small group settings for activities
  • Safely introduce volunteers into social activities


Tub rooms / Bathing and Maintaining dignity

  • Personal hygiene routines can be improved, while reducing staff time and resident stress levels.
  • Equipment selection and room layouts can greatly improve the resident’s experience in this challenging area.


Physical and Mechanical Isolation

  • Create dedicated isolation rooms for infected patients.
  • Provide negative pressure to isolation rooms.
  • Improve mechanical ventilation to isolation rooms.



  • Lighting upgrades with touchless controls, dimming and mood options
  • Verbal remote control for in-suite activities (tv / phone / staff alert)
  • Virtual reality & teleconference for more frequent resident engagement



  • Using colour for wayfinding and mood.
  • Using daylight for better sleep / wake patterns
  • Acoustic and colour changes for behaviour management
  • Designing for avoiding injury & navigating unfamiliar surroundings

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  • Improvements can’t wait.

Construction can be expensive and Renovations disruptive!

Provincial funding for your project may be available. Green Propeller Design can help you with the application, preliminary design and cost estimates for the funding application.

We will not only work with you to design the ideal scenario, but we can also manage the construction process. Using competitive pricing with many trusted trades & constructors, we can coordinate the whole process from start to finish, leaving you free to do what you do best – caring for residents & staff.


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